[Tutorial] Hacking Steam Accounts Using Bruteforcer.

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to hack steam accounts with a program called Quickbreak / Bruteforcer.
1. Download

2. Run QuickBreak
– Agree with the disclaimer
– Now you should see this :

3. Go to ‘Account Gen’
– First let it browse for groups
– Save it
– To add usernames from the groups, press scan usernames from group
– Save it

4. Go back to ‘Cracker’
– Add at the left side the usernames you just saved.
– On the other side you can load your passwords

5. Lets start cracking accounts !

– You can use the saved groups/usernames over and over again
– Run the program more then 1 at the same time (open it for example 5x)
– Download the extra file with 38650 groups
– Use this when you are sleeping

Credits go to :
– c0nw0nk for making it
– Me for uploading it here =D

Please Thank Me if i helped you with this.

VirusTotal – Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner
1/ 42 (2.4%)
0 out of 18 scanners reported malware

Second attachment:
Result: 0/ 43 (0.0%)
0 out of 18 scanners reported malware.







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